Case Study: A Gift to Build a Dream On

  • Jun 30, 2024


Description: Medium Pillow Box

Industry: Healthcare


The pillow box was modeled after designs used at a charity golf tournament benefitting the hospital. Because children at the hospital put notes, pictures, and small crafts in the pillow box, the product's design was kept simple to put more focus on what was inside.

Method of Distribution

The hospital chose to mail these gift packs to donors. They attached recipient and return address labels to the back of the box (it was printed black) and added some tape to the ends for extra security as these packages made their way through the post office.

Marketing Outcome

The pillow box was a practical packaging solution for the gifts the children made for donors. The unique shape was eye-catching, and the consistent branding made it easy to identify. Thanks to the notes and other little gifts, pledged donations increased by 16% over the previous year.


Source: Hit Promotional Products

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